HawkHost.com Review

Juan RuizWeb Hosting

I have been using HawkHost since May, 2008. I started with them just using their Basic shared hosting package to host a test version of our church web site (www.aumcgreece.org is the production one). I decided to go with them for this because they had good reviews on Web Hosting Talk, and they were running a promotion ($19.74 USD for one year / Basic shared hosting).

I started using them and I have been pleasently surprised, response time on my test web site is much better than my production site.

Just one month or so ago, I was asked to help building a new web site (http://www.taagteam.net) and I suggested they sign up for hosting with HawkHost, and so far it has been good. Response time for the site is great.

I have had to contact support a couple of times, the first time was to get assistance to install a SSL certificate, which you can do yourself, you don’t have to pay them to do it. They walked me through the installation over online chat. The second time I contacted them was just a couple of days ago, and that was because the www.taagteam.net site wasn’t working, there was something wrong with its DNS entries. I opened a ticket with support and they fixed the problem within one hour or so.

A couple of things dissapointed me a little bit, even though the problem was fixed quickly. They couoldn’t explain for sure what caused the issue, they just said things like that happen sometimes. Also, when they fixed the issue with DNS, my site was still not working instead it was showing a generic cPanel/Apache home page. I contacted support again and they told me that when the hosting package was setup initially it was setup with the wrong dedicated IP. Again, the problem was fixed within minutes and the site was back in operation.

So, I have a mix review of HawkHost, response time on their servers and tech support is very good. The issue with DNS has me a little worried.